business news in context, analysis with attitude

by Michael Sansolo

Spoiler alert: the world is changing. It isn't your imagination. And as the world changes, so do the companies that dominate the business landscape.

The video at left was sent to me by a longtime friend and industry legend, Larry Cooper, and it is the very definition of an Eye-Opener - an animated and dynamic representation of the top companies in the US between 1954 and today. The past 65 years have been remarkable, to say the least.

Pay attention not just to the companies that have ascended on the list, but the companies that not only have fallen of it, but that no longer exist. (Anyone heard from ITT lately?)

Also, notice the shifting patterns in various industries as the list moves through the domination of automobile manufacturers to oil companies then financial firms and lastly technology companies. The list will also remind us all that once Walmart, Apple and Amazon were small companies and its incredible to watch each of them climb the list.

Finally, as you watch the ebbs and flows of the list, ask yourself what it will look like in five years … in 10 years … or even 65 years from now.

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