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The Retail Tomorrow podcast goes to GroceryShop 2019 in Las Vegas for an in-depth discussion of not just the strategies and tactics preoccupying many of the attendees, but the motivations behind the decisions they are making with regard to brand identity and technology.

There were some three thousand attendees at GroceryShop this year, from about a thousand companies and 30 countries, all looking for a competitive edge found in innovative technologies, disruptive business models and provocative insights. Sifting through the presentations and exhibits for Retail Tomorrow, looking for nuggets of wisdom that have the potential to animate and differentiate a retailer, are:

• Lisa Sedlar, CEO, Green Zebra Grocery.
• Scott Moses, Managing Director at PJ Solomon.
• Bob Perry, Director of Business Development, NBC Universal
• Tom Furphy, CEO/Managing Director, Consumer Equity Partners.

The host: Kevin Coupe, MorningNewsBeat’s “Content Guy.”

You can listen to the podcast here, as well as on iTunes and GooglePlay.

This edition of the Retail Tomorrow podcast is brought to you by the Global Market Development Center (GMDC), connecting people & companies to opportunities for growth.

Pictured, below: Lisa Sedlar, Scott Moses, Tom Furphy, Bob Perry

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