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Advertising Age reports that "in late September, Amazon filed a trademark application for Alexa-branded home appliances. The filing is exhaustive and includes more than 100 different household products, from the mundane - 'smart home connected LED lighting systems' - to the rare - 'voice-responsive ice-cream makers'."

The story notes that the application leaves open the possibility that Amazon will team with existing brands to develop Alexa-powered appliances, and that just because a trademark application is filed, that doesn't mean that the plans will necessarily come to fruition.

But … we all know that Amazon is ambitious and highly focused on expanding the boundaries of its ecosystem. If that means connected toasters and ice cream makers, why not? As the story says, "Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices are already in more than 100 million homes - but an Echo may be just the beginning of the Seattle-based ecommerce giant’s foray into the home."
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