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The Spoon reports that UK retailer Tesco has announced a partnership with technology companyTrigo that is aimed at developing a checkout-free store similar to Amazon Go.

Tesco will invest an undisclosed amount in Trigo, which "retrofits stores with cameras, computer vision and AI software to create cashierless checkout retail experiences … This is the second retail partnership for Trigo, following one with Israel-based supermarket chain Shufersal last year."

The Spoon suggests that "the fact that Tesco publicly name-checked Trigo is another example of how cashierless grocery checkout is maturing. Retailers are no longer privately testing out these systems, but instead making announcements about them. Giant Eagle is working with Grabango and Brazil’s Lojas Americanas has partnered with Zippin. Worth noting as well is that both Trigo and Zippin have received strategic investments from retail partners, a sign that Lojas Americanas and Tesco are serious about implementing, or at least more deeply exploring, cashierless checkout."
KC's View:
It was earlier this week that reports emerged that Amazon is negotiating to license out its checkout-free technology to airport shops and ballparks. I'm not sure this all means the business is maturing, but maybe getting out of diapers.