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The Dallas Morning News reports that grocery-marketplace hybrid Eataly, which specializes in high-end Italian food, appears to be looking at Dallas for its next US location.

Eataly has 37 locations around the world, with a dozen in Italy and six so far in the US, in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

According to the story, “Eataly Dallas LLC was created in Delaware last month … The concept has both freestanding and mall locations in the U.S. and varies from 40,000 to 67,000 square feet. In Dallas, it may be looking at NorthPark Center, which has a large space with an exterior entrance available on the Boedeker Street side of the mall.”
KC's View:
Be an interesting move for Eataly, which I think needs a mix of locals and tourists to work most effectively. But the folks in Dallas have proven their taste for such things with Eatzi’s, which has been a culinary fixture there for years. And so this would seem to have possibilities.