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CNBC reports this morning that Walmart plans to expand the number of veterinary clinics in its stores from21 to 100 in the coming year, starting with nine that will open in the Dallas market next month, offering vaccines, care for minor illnesses and other routine exams.

According to the story, “Walmart also will launch an online pet pharmacy,, rivaling PetSmart’s e-commerce business,, which also has an online pharmacy unit. Walmart said its website will offer low-cost prescriptions for dogs, cats, horses and livestock, from more than 300 brands.”

Walmart says that it “has seen a roughly 60% increase in the number of dog- and cat-related health-care items sold on its website over the past year.”

Some context: “The American Pet Products Association. The industry trade group estimates spending will exceed $75.3 billion this year, compared with $60 billion spent on pets just four years ago.
KC's View:
This is a big opportunity, and Walmart is smart to exploit it.