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Restaurant Business reports that Shake Shack is considering something radical - charging more for its burgers (and fries and shakes) that are delivered to consumers than for those served in its restaurants.

CEO Randall Garutti told analysts during a call last week that the company’s “menu pricing does not change on any channel. That said, we are wide open to considering those things. I think there seems to be a great willingness to pay on digital channels. … It’s not something we are going to jump on today. We are mostly concerned at continuing to grow traffic, grow the channels.”

At the same time Garutti said, Shake Shack plans to maintain its focus on an up-market product, with no intention of veering into the value pricing lane.

“I like us to be considering around the core menu how we can tinker at both ends of the high and low pricing over time,” Garutti said. “Generally, I think you’ll probably see us go higher. … Not sure how many low-priced things we are looking for. We want to compete on quality and experience and not just on price.”
KC's View:
If any company is going to be able to justify charging more for delivery - running counter to conventional wisdom - it is a company like Shake Shack that never goes for the lowest common denominator. Not everyone can - or should - adopt this approach. But I’m happy someone does (and that there is a Shake Shack less than a mile from my home and office).