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Fast Company reports on the three CVS stores in Houston that are piloting its HealthHub concept, described as “a new kind of healthcare destination that blends the convenience of the pharmacy chain with the ease and familiarity of  a neighborhood community center.”

Here’s how it operates:

“The HealthHub locations might look like a normal CVS Health, but 20% of the store now offers a broader range of healthcare services, like one-on-one nutritionist counseling and workout classes. There are new product categories, including fitness products (like say, a yoga mat) and an expanded homeopathy category for sleep, anxiety, or memory improvement. In addition, it carries durable medical equipment (wheelchairs and monitors) and supplies for those suffering from conditions such as sleep apnea and diabetes.

“These are all items CVS Health has never carried before. Many of them feature an overhead digital screen that highlights the product’s use and efficacy. For those who want to learn more, ‘learning tables’ display multiple iPads where they can discover more about their healthcare needs.”

While the HealthHub stores also include MinuteClinics, these three “offer a more comprehensive service, such as more staffed personnel who can answer medical questions as well as nurse practitioners who can do thorough examinations.”
KC's View:
This may be a test, but it certainly is a test that fits within CVS’s broader strategy, which is to reduce retail space and increase the focus on healthcare services. I’m sure there will be a number of tests of varying approaches, but the momentum seems - appropriately, I think - to be all in one direction.