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…with brief, occasional, italicized and sometimes gratuitous commentary… reports that with considerably less fanfare than accompanied Amazon’s search for an HQ2 location, its bricks-and-mortar supermarket business, Whole Foods, has signed a lease for a new Northeast Regional office in Jersey City, New Jersey. The office will cover all of its stores in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Of course, the move isn’t that big a deal - until this point, Whole Foods’s regional offices covering this area were in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, less than 20 miles to the north.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Lands’ End is in the process of separating itself completely from its former parent company, Sears, closing “the brand’s last 40 stores inside Sears, already down from 174 at the start of last year. That would cut what CEO Jerome Griffith said is one of its only remaining links between the retailers. ‘We’re looking to exit as quickly as possible,’ he said. ‘We’re not in their (Sears’) long-term plans, and they’re not in ours’.”

The story says that Lands’ End expects to have 40 to 60 physical stores open within the next few years.

Griffith has to feel a little like Lady Macbeth, trying unsuccessfully to get the blood off his hands … except that in this case, it is the Sears stench he;’s trying to get rid off, and he’s saying, “Out, damned Sears.”
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