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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune has an interview with Mike Stigers, the new CEO of UNFI-owned Cub Foods, who says that even though UNFI would like to sell all 70 of its Cub stores in one deal, “the company won’t let the sale process get in the way of its plans to update stores and improve offerings.”

Stigers says that “we’re looking at which stores are going to get remodeled next fiscal year. There’s no slowing down the growth of this brand as we look for the correct suitor in the future.”

The Star Tribune story suggests that there are not a lot of retailers out there who would be interested or able to acquire all the Cub stores: “Hy-Vee CEO Randy Edeker said last year that he’s not interested in acquiring the Cub stores. Kroger, known for buying regional grocery brands such as Roundy’s, continues to struggle financially and may no longer be in acquisition mode.”

But Stigers says he still thinks there is a chance to make one big deal: “The strength of Cub as a strong regional brand is its totality,” he says.
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