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Having opened three Nordstrom Local stores in the Los Angeles market, the iconic department store retailer now plans to open two of them in New York City, on the Upper East Side and in the West Village neighborhoods.

Nordstrom Local is the company’s take on what the department store of the future looks like - no merchandise, but rather a hub where people can try on, purchase and pick up products they have selected online, have items altered, and get styling advice and maybe even have a cappuccino or a glass of wine while doing so. Depending on the location, Nordstrom Local may also offer manicures and/or shoe repair services.
KC's View:
This isn’t just Nordstrom throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks - they’ve done research in New York and found that people really don’t like to leave their neighborhoods to go to stores, and so they want to bring the store to those neighborhoods to the best of their ability.

Nordstrom is doing this even as it opens its more traditional department store formats in Manhattan for the first time. It is using those as hubs, and then serving the Local stores from their product selections and integrating its e-commerce capabilities in a way to energize the overall business.

This is 21st century thinking … it puts the needs of the shopper ahead of the traditional priorities of the retailer, by realizing and acting upon the fact that the needs of the shopper have to be the uppermost priority for every retailer.

Really smart … and it will be interesting to see the degree to which this strategy plays out, not just in markets where Nordstrom can create a hub-and-spoke construct, but even in markets where it may not have those hubs but feels that this may be a way to serve people living and working there.