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Reuters reports that Fiord is partnering with Amazon “to allow members of the ecommerce company’s loyalty club Prime to deliver packages to their cars when they are not at home … The 'Key by Amazon In-Car delivery' offering will be available for owners of select Ford 2017 and later model vehicles equipped with connectivity service, as well as for owners of Lincoln 2018 and later model cars, Ford said.”

The program is an outgrowth of one that was tested in Europe several years ago, and that Amazon had committed to bringing to the US.
KC's View:
All this connectivity will mean that it isn’t hard to imagine that at some point “Law & Order” will feature a plot point in which a bad guy will be tracked down not by using EZPass data, but rather by using Amazon delivery information.

Which is an upside or a downside, depending on your point of view.

I have to wonder if this will make Fords more attractive to consumers; I’d be more interested in having Alexa in my car, though I’d like her to be smarter, with accumulated knowledge based on how I use her at home. And if that means being able to get deliveries while on the road, I think that might be kind of cool. (Alas, my Mustang is way too old and not nearly smart enough to be useful in this way. Though, to be honest, that is part of its charm.)