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• The Oakland Press reports that BJ’s Wholesale Club has broken ground for its first store in Michigan, in the community of Madison Heights. The company also plans to open a second Michigan store, in Taylor.

BJ’s has some 200 locations, but to this point the furthest west it has pushed has been into Ohio.

• The Wall Street Journal reports that lawmakers in states where rice is grown are beginning to argue that products not actually not made from rice should not be allowed to use that moniker.

According to the story, a “Louisiana bill, sponsored by a Democrat, passed unanimously in the state Senate earlier this month and is now in the House. If it passes there, it would head to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. He hasn’t yet taken a position on the legislation, a spokeswoman said.

“In March, a similar bill passed in Arkansas, the nation’s largest rice producer, and other states are considering such legislation. Rice is also a major crop in Texas, Mississippi, Missouri and California.”

This is, the Journal writes, “the latest salvo from traditional agriculture groups and their supporters, who say makers of plant-based alternatives like cauliflower rice - made from bits of cauliflower - almond milk and non-meat hamburgers are causing confusion with their marketing. But advocates on the other side say such moves won’t stop a broad public shift to what they call healthier offerings.”
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