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Reuters reports that Walmart is going direct with its purchase of Angus beef sold in some of its stores, taking control of the supply chain to a large extent and creating a higher level of transparency.

The story points out that “normally, Walmart would buy Angus beef from companies like Tyson Foods Inc and Cargill Inc. Walmart has now arranged to source cattle from Texas rancher Bob McClaren of Prime Pursuits and 44 Farms, who said the retailer will sell no-hormones-added Black Angus beef.

“The cattle will be fed at a feedyard that specializes in avoiding hormones, slaughtered in Kansas and packaged in Georgia before the beef hits shelves in about 500 Walmart stores in the southeastern United States.”

Scott Neal, Walmart’s senior vice president of meat, says that “having visibility to the end-to-end process lets us know we are helping our customers bring a consistently great piece of meat to their table every time they buy with us.”
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