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Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s is likely to be expanding its roster of delivery service providers, as it negotiates lower rates with Uber Eats, which to now has an exclusive with the fast feeder.

According to the story, “Ending McDonald’s exclusive deal with Uber Technologies Inc. would open a window for other popular providers like DoorDash Inc. and GrubHub Inc. It’s a sensitive time for Uber, whose initial public offering is expected next month.” The exclusive deal started in 2017, when McDonald’s “announced that it would rely exclusively on Uber Technologies Inc. to handle the service that it’s been expanding across its 14,000 U.S. locations. At the time, the company described delivery as a $100 billion market that would help it reignite sales.”

Benzinga reports that Amazon has confirmed that it “will close fulfillment centers in four states to retrofit them for other purposes, a move that will displace thousands of employees, and could lead to their departure from Amazon … the facilities to be closed are called ‘Amazon Robotics Quick Deploy,’ which handle small items and use Kiva orange robots that move shelves of goods to human pickers. The centers, located in California, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas, will be re-designed for use as sorting centers, Amazon Fresh delivery hubs and print-on-demand book sites, according to the report. An Amazon spokesperson told Yahoo that it has determined that various facilities are now better suited to handle different types of inventory than they have in the past.”
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