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Fortune reports that PepsiCo “is announcing a new beverage dispenser for the food service sector - a rollout that will attempt to reduce plastic usage by prompting consumers to fill up their own reusable bottles.”

The story says that “a desire for more sustainable options is not the only consumer demand PepsiCo’s dispensers attempt to answer. One thing missing from the machines, which will launch in colleges, workplaces, and hotels in June? Soda. The ‘hydration platform,’ as PepsiCo calls it, dispenses sugar-free, carbonated water in six natural flavors … The new dispensers will also be missing the PepsiCo name. The company is in the middle of finalizing what the dispensers will be called, but don’t expect it to include Pepsi.”

Yahoo Finance reports that Coca-Cola completes its $5 billion acquisition of Costa Coffee, Coke CEO “James Quincey is wasting no time in ramping up Coke’s involvement in the lucrative global coffee industry,” saying that he is targeting a market that has been a prime target for Starbucks.

According to the story, “Coke is expanding its test of coffee-infused soda to 25 markets this year. The company debuted Coke ‘Plus Cafe Espresso’ in Southeast Asia in 2018 … Coke is also poised to release ready-to-drink coffee products under the Costa brand shortly. No launch markets were shared.”

While “there are no plans to debut Coke Coffee in the U.S. at this time,” the story says, “it will likely be here before you know it though.”

• The Chicago Sun Times reports that “Tyson Foods, Cargill and two other large meat packers illegally conspired to lower livestock prices, squeezing ranchers and hurting traders who deal in cattle futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a federal lawsuit alleged Tuesday.

“The suit accuses the meat-packing giants, including JBS and National Beef Packing Co., of violating U.S. antitrust law by depressing cattle prices since at least January 2015. It was brought by R-CALF USA, a nonprofit organization that represents cattle ranchers, and by four ranchers … The suit seeks class action status for all ranchers who sell to the big packers, and for traders who specialize in cattle futures and options.”
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