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TechCrunch reports that Chinese internet giant Alibaba went to the Shanghai Auto Show this week to announce that it is “developing apps for connected cars that will let drivers find restaurants, queue up and make reservations at restaurants, order food and eventually complete a plethora of other tasks using voice, motion or touch control. Third-party developers are invited to make their in-car apps, which will run on Alibaba’s operating system AliOS.”

The story notes that “Alibaba’s move is indicative of a heightened competition to control the operating system in next-gen connected cars. For those who wonder whether the e-commerce behemoth will make its own cars given it has aggressively infiltrated the physical space, like opening its own supermarket chain Hema, the company’s solution to vehicles appears to be on the software front, at least for now.”
KC's View:
For now. Those are important and highly clarifying words.

We’ve had a number of stories here about connected cars, and while I think there are some natural limitations and concerns - largely because the last thing we need are more distracted drivers - I do think there is a place for these kinds of technologies.