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by Kevin Coupe

I recently had the great pleasure of appearing as a guest on the Tech Cat podcast hosted by Lori H. Schwartz, a technology futurist who is a lot smarter that I am about the impact of technology on business and a wide range of marketing and tech innovation trends.

Not only is Lori a CNN Technology Contributor and a frequent speaker at major industry events, but she’s also a facilitator for company conversations about new business models and technology innovation. And - she’s an adjunct faculty member at Loyola Marymount University, where I went to school.

It was great fun to spend time with her on the Tech Cat podcast, which served as a follow-up of sorts to her appearance on the Retail Tomorrow podcast (which can be accessed at the bottom of the MNB home page). We chatted a lot about retail and customers and where technology can and can’t take us … and I hope you’ll enjoy it (as well as some of the many other podcasts Lori has posted).

You can access it here.

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