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by Kevin Coupe

Cool story from Atlanta Inno about how ride-hailing app Lyft “has partnered with the City of Atlanta to launch Access AgLanta, a six-month pilot ‘food desert’ program.”

According to the story, “Lyft will provide 300 families in Atlanta living in low income neighborhoods with limited access to groceries, with subsidized rides to and from grocery stores and farmers markets. For the pilot, Lyft will work with some community partners to identify the 300 families. Then, using geofencing technology, they’ll bring them to participating grocery stores. The goal is to give families better access to healthier foods.”

The project isn’t a total outlier. The story points out that “the Atlanta pilot program was inspired by Lyft’s recent fresh food access initiative in Washington, D.C.” But I think it is a good demonstration about what can happen when companies think about problems in different ways and come up with fresh approaches … it can result in connections that can sustain both companies and communities.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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