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Business Insider has a profile of Yael Cosset, 45, head of digital at Kroger and soon to become the company’s chief information offer, who is "tasked with helping Kroger fend off” threats from the likes of Amazon, Whole Foods, Aldi, Lidl and pretty much everybody in between.

Cosset tells Business Insider that “Kroger was positioned to win the battle for shoppers' grocery spending because of a key advantage over its competitors: nearly two decades' worth of data on its customers' shopping behavior … That data, along with Kroger's network of 2,800 stores and a new partnership with the UK technology firm Ocado, is powering a transformation that Cosset said would set Kroger on a path to success.”

This data, Cosset says, allows Kroger to “execute a massive transformation.”

According to the story, Kroger’s relationship with Ocado, allowing it to build “automated warehouses capable of fulfilling a 50-item order within minutes,” gives it a significant advantage. "We're going to be able to fulfill these orders in a way nobody else can," Cosset says. "There is no equivalent in the industry today in the US market.”

The story quotes Cosset as saying that “once the Ocado warehouses were open, Kroger would use all its physical assets — including stores, distribution centers, and Ocado sheds — to fulfill orders in a way its competitors couldn't match.

"We know what the trends are in terms of specific choices for products or food or flavors," he says. "We know more about the next yogurt trend or ice-cream trend than many of our competitors just because of the volume of interactions we have with our customers and our commitment to listening to what they tell us."
KC's View:
I have to admit that I love this quote from Cosset…

"The role of technology, in general, will expand well beyond what's been most visible in the past five or six years in the industry around digital and e-commerce. The role of technology will change how we work and interact with our customers. At the core of everything we do is going to be how we take advantage of data and inject it into everything.”

I’d like to think that this has been the message here at MNB for more years than I can count.