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by Kevin Coupe

Friday was a big day for Star Wars fans - it featured a couple of big reveals for the ninth film in the core series.

First, we got to learn its all-important subtitle: The Rise of Skywalker.

Second, we got to see the first teaser trailer for the film. (Many of us monitored a Star Wars festival in Chicago to see it as it debuted … but you can watch it at left if you are not one of the almost four million people who have watched it on YouTube to date.)

There’s no enormous business lesson from either of these, except maybe that questions are critically important to a successful enterprise.

Let’s face it. Each of these reveals provokes more questions than provides answers.

After all (spoiler alert!), Like Skywalker died at the end of the last movie, and we know that his sister Leia’s role in the new movie will be somewhat limited by the fact that actress Carrie Fisher passed away before The Rise of Skywalker went into production (though she’ll have some presence through the use of footage shot by not used for The Last Jedi). So who is the Skywalker who is going to rise? Rey? Kylo Ren? Someone else? Can Luke be resurrected?

And there are plenty of other questions, such as about the relationships between Rey and Finn and Rey and Poe Dameron … and that eerie laugh at the end of the trailer that sound suspiciously like a certain Emperor who we though was killed at the end of Return of the Jedi.

I think there’s another question worth pointing out within a business context.

There’s an excellent piece in Fast Company about the movie’s director, JJ Abrams (who also directed The Force Awakens, and who came on this movie when the original director left because of “creative differences” with the producers). The story looks at how Abrams is casting his company’s role in a fast-changing entertainment industry. Bad Robot, Abrams’ company, “has been a response to the question, ‘What if?’ ” Abrams says. “The great stories, the ones I love, all seem to come from a ‘what if?’”

That is a terrific and Eye-Opening approach to any business.

And in case you didn’t know, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes out at Christmastime.

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