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• The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Macy’s is rolling out Story, a retail concept it acquired last year, to some 36 of its locations nationwide. Macy’s described Story as “taking the point of view of a magazine, changing like a gallery and selling things like a store. The shop reinvents itself every four to eight weeks, completely redesigning the interior of the store and its selection of merchandise in correspondence to a theme.”

"The Story at Macy’s experience feels a lot like a real life version of scrolling through Instagram," Story founder and Macy's brand experience officer Rachel Shechtman says. "You discover things you weren’t looking for but are inspired by all the fun finds – the second you see it, you need it!”

I am all in favor of retailers reinventing all or part of their stores as a way of reinvigorating the experiences that people have when they walk into those stores. But, to be honest, I think they need to be careful about the comparisons they draw. Suggesting that it is a physical version of Instagram makes a lot of sense … it is a reference that the modern customer gets. But comparing it to a “magazine” … maybe not so much.
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