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Two moves by drugstore chain Rite Aid:

The company will start selling CBD hemp oil products in 200 of its stores in Oregon and Washington. KOMO News says the company is “citing interest from several customers hoping to buy those items … There's increasing evidence that CBD works with your body's own chemistry to help relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety and more.”

CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

At the same time, the chain said it would stop selling e-cigarettes in its stores nationwide.

The Wall Street Journal writes that “the company will remove all e-cigarette and vaping products, including startup Juul Labs Inc.’s popular nicotine-packed vaporizers, over the next 90 days, Bryan Everett, Rite Aid operating chief, said on a conference call Thursday. Executives said the change was in response to use of the products by children and teens.”

However, Rite Aid will continue “to sell traditional cigarettes, taking a different stance on tobacco products than its two main pharmacy rivals.”

CVS doesn’t sell any of this stuff, while Walgreens sells all of it (though it is testing some tobacco-free stores).
KC's View:
Seems to me that Rite Aid is trying to be a little bit pregnant, which never works out. I think they just ought to et out of the tobacco business entirely, at least if they want to be perceived as being in the wellness/health care business.

Then again, Rite Aid generally has been sort of mediocre for so long, that doing things halfway probably has become a habit.