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The New York Times reports on how European Union lawmakers are considering new legislation that would prevent plant-based products being described using words that imply they that they are made from meat. “If a product does not contain meat,” the logic goes, “it cannot be called a burger or a sausage or a steak.”

There is a lot of dissent on the issue: “Environmentalists said the suggested labeling rules were an effort to undermine the growing demand for plant-based foods.”

At the same time, in the US, “there has been a push by the dairy industry to require the Food and Drug Administration to enforce labeling rules for milk as more Americans switch to ‘alternative milks,’ which come from any number of plants. (Pea milk, anyone?)”
KC's View:
I’m basically in agreement with the idea that if something is not meat, it ought not be called meat. I like accuracy in labeling - it is the least that consumers can and should expect from retailers and manufacturers.