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Bloomberg has a story about Sensei, described as “a 16-month-old technology company based in Lisbon that’s backed by Germany’s Metro AG and Portugal’s Sonae SGPS SA,” that is looking to compete with Amazon’s checkout-free technology.

The story reports that “Sensei says three major European grocers, including a U.K. supermarket operator, have tapped its technology for stores they plan to open this year -- potentially getting in ahead of Amazon. The U.S. behemoth has reportedly scouted space for its Amazon Go stores in London, but has not announced any openings.”

The story notes that “Sensei’s technology may be cheaper to deploy” than the Amazon Go tech. “It’s easier to retrofit existing stores with AI-driven, camera-only approaches than with multisensor systems, said George Lawrie, a principal analyst with research firm Forrester.”
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