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Reutersm reports that Ikea plans to expand its furniture rental program to all the markets it serves “in a bid to appeal to its increasingly environmentally conscious and transient customers.”

The company started testing the idea of leasing furniture some months ago, in a move the Reuters writes “was driven by a recognition that many consumers change homes more frequently but can’t afford new furniture every time they move … It is also motivated by environmentalism, with IKEA surveys showing that 90 percent of its customers are ready to change their behavior, even if most don’t know how to do that.”

The story says that Ikea, “which had global sales of 39 billion euros ($44 billion) last year, will test a range of subscription-based leasing offers in all 30 of its markets by 2020 so products are reused as often as possible before being recycled.”
KC's View:
I continue to believe that Ikea is going to be a very interesting company to watch, as it tests out new services like furniture rentals … links with companies like TaskRabbit that will send people to your home or office to build the furniture (which dolts like me can’t figure out) … works on being more environmentally conscious … and even tests small stores that challenge the fundamental business model of the big stores it traditionally has operated.

This is what every retailer has to do.