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CNBC reports that CVS is expanding same-day delivery of prescriptions after a successful test in several big cities.

The story says that the rollout comes “almost a year after introducing one- and two-day shipping … CVS will partner with Shipt, a Target company, to deliver prescriptions the same day they're filled. The service will cost $7.99.”

CNBC goes on: “People can select delivery through CVS' app, via text or by calling the pharmacy. They can also add health and household items, such as cough medicine, vitamins and diapers, to the delivery. CVS will keep the option for one- or two-day delivery at a price of $4.99.”
KC's View:
The Shipt connection makes sense, since Target already is using CVS for all of its in-store HBC and pharmacy services. (Makes me wonder if a merger of these two companies could be somewhere down the road?)

Interesting that as Walgreens seem to have trouble defining itself in the marketplace, CVS keeps doing things that entrench it more firmly as a healthcare company connected to its customers/patients.

To be clear, this isn’t just about vision. A lot of it is about playing strong defense and working to make sure that Walmart/Jet and Amazon aren’t able to poach your customers by leap-frogging your services. But that’s okay … the game is played with both offense and defense, and the best companies embrace their options wherever and whenever they find them.