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Business Insider has a story about how Walmart seems to be dominating the click-and-collect segment of the food business, with financial services firm Cowen & Company releasing an analysis suggesting that Walmart has “cemented its position as an industry leader by ‘aggressively’ scaling, to the point where the firm estimates that 11% to 13% of Walmart customers currently use curbside pickup.

“Meanwhile, Cowen's report indicates that Walmart is courting a whole new swath of shoppers through its approach. The firm estimated that anywhere from 40% to 60% of Walmart's curbside sales can be attributed to new shoppers.”

The report suggests that by 2020, click-and-collect will be a $30-35 billion business, and that by that time, “a quarter of Americans will have tried some kind of curbside pickup service, ‘given high customer satisfaction, younger customer preferences for curbside, and higher spend in this channel’.”
KC's View:
This is important, and not entirely surprising - it makes sense that Walmart would dominate curbside pickup because it owns so many curbs.

I will say that one of the things I keep bumping into is an attitude, expressed by retailers and technologists, that delivery will end up being more important than click-and-collect.

But you take advantages where and when you can get them, even if they are temporary.