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CNBC reports that the total market share of online sales of general merchandise was higher than in-store sales for the same segment during February 2019 - the first time this has happened.

According to the story, US Commerce Department numbers showed that “in February, online sales narrowly beat brick-and-mortar, or ‘bricks.’ Non-store retail sales last month accounted for 11.813 percent of the total, compared with 11.807 percent for general merchandise.”

The study points out that “online sales is now the fourth largest sector overall, bringing in about $59.8 billion in adjusted sales for February. Motor vehicles and parts is the largest segment, making up about 20 percent of all retail spending. Food and beverage store sales and restaurants and bar sales each make up about 12 percent.”
KC's View:
Sure, this is a statistically small- and category-limited - margin of victory for online sales. But ti seems pretty clear to me that it provides a warning shot for anyone who thinks this is going away, or that maybe everything will go back to the way it was.

It isn’t going back, and it isn’t going away. You either have to get with the program, or figure out how to develop your own competitive program. Either way, you have no choice but to make differentiation your highest priority.

I think you can trust me on this.