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Once again - this is getting to be a habit, albeit one I’m happy to embrace - Tom Furphy and I found ourselves in the same place at the same time, and so we we able to conduct the Innovation Conversation “live” on tape, having an actual conversation on-camera instead of via email.

The location was the Retail Tomorrow Immersion conference - sponsored by GMDC - that was taking place in Los Angeles; more specifically it was at the offices of M-Rad, an architectural design firm where attendees to get a number of different views of what the future may look like and, appropriately enough, how it will be built.

And so, our subject for this conversation - which, as always, has as its goal to explore some facet of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects businesses and consumers - is both physical and digital architecture, its role in creating a consumer value proposition, and the chances that marketers take when using influencers to create and expand their markets.

You can see the video at left.

(One note: The sound may be a little dicey, depending on how you are watching and listening to this conversation. That is one of the byproducts of how so much of MNB and these videos is done - we grab opportunities, try to be spontaneous, and are willing to sacrifice a bit of production value in the interest of moving the conversation forward.)

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