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Burger King this week will begin selling a Whopper made with a vegetarian patty manufactured by Impossible Foods, joining fast feeders such as White Castle and Carl’s Jr. in the move toward meatless alternatives.

The New York Times writes that “the Impossible Whopper, as it will be known, is the biggest validation - and expansion opportunity - for a young industry that is looking to mimic and replace meat with plant-based alternatives … a national rollout at Burger King’s 7,200 locations would dwarf those previous announcements and more than double the total number of locations where Impossible’s burgers are available.”

The story points out that “the vegetarian burger made by Beyond Meat has been available at over a thousand Carl’s Jr. restaurants since January and the company is now moving toward an initial public offering. White Castle has sold a slider version of the Impossible burger in its 380 or so stores since late last year.”
KC's View:
For me, what seems impossible - or at least unlikely - is the likelihood that this thing is going to taste any good. When I had the White Castle version last year, it made me sick to my stomach … though, to be fair, pretty much everything at White Castle has that effect on my usually cast iron constitution.

It is not like I’m anti-vegetarian burgers. In fact, I had a great one last summer at the Irving Street Kitchen in Portland, Oregon … though, to be fair, pretty much everything at the Irving Street Kitchen tastes great.

Hmmm … I sense a pattern here.

I’m not a Burger King fan, and have pretty much sworn off most fast food, but I’ll pledge here and now to make a trip to Burger King in the next week or two to try this thing out.