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USA Today has a piece saying that “a new survey from, which offers educational content and recovery resources to people dealing with addiction, found that 23 percent of U.S. workers responding to the survey say they have used drugs or alcohol on the job. Roughly six in ten say they have used alcohol at work, outside of office parties or functions, while nearly 23 percent say they’ve smoked pot on the job … And even if they don't use themselves, 62 percent say they know at least one person who has had an unsanctioned drink or used narcotics at work.”

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
It is worth taking a look at, largely because I’m sure this is taking place at retail … plus it is a fascinating time in terms of how the nation thinks and acts about drugs. On the one hand, we have a national opioid crisis, but we also have a country in which the legalization of marijuana is becoming a reality, where some people find that cannabis can help them with their opioid addictions, and companies are trying to figure out what to do with their drug testing procedures.