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by Kevin Coupe

While this store is a pop up, it is designed to calm you down.

It is called Calmist, it is located in the Westfield Century City mall, and it carries only products designed to help people deal with anxiety and stress.

That means carrying everything from candles to lotions to books to teas to ice cream.

Wait a minute. Ice cream?

That’s right. When I spoke with Cody Rapp, who came up with the concept and opened the store, he told me that when he’s feeling stress, he likes to eat ice cream. So he made sure that the store included a small freezer with some specialty ice cream items.

(Me, I like vodka, or a good pinot … but he doesn’t carry those. Calmist does, however, have some cannabis-based CBD items … because those are pretty much de rigueur in dealing with anxiety these days, especially in California.)

Rapp told me that this pop-up store is just a test to see what works and what doesn’t, so he can make expansion plans more strategically. (It is sort of unusual that the physical store got open before the e-commerce store did, but you can go to to be advised when it starts to transact business online.)

I think it is a very smart idea, both as a potential standalone concept and, maybe even more powerfully, as a component of a larger retail entity. I can imagine a Calmist department in a department store or a supermarket or a drug store … in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the likes of CVS or Nordstrom would be interested.

We’ll watch its development with great interest … because I think Calmist is an Eye-Opener.

One other note - Cody Rapp will be a guest on an upcoming Retail Tomorrow podcast. Stay tuned.

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