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In the UK, the Retail Gazette reports that discounter Lidl has opened a “new and smaller ‘Local’ concept store in South London as part of a trial that could potentially see a roll-out of the sub-brand.”

Lidl says that the store should not be seen as a move into the c-store segment - at 6,500 square feet, it says, it is twice the size of an average c-store … though the story makes the point that it carries 300 fewer SKUs than a traditional Lidl.

Lidl also says that this is a single-store test, and that “the results would be evaluated before deciding whether to roll out the concept and branding.”
KC's View:
The argument here long has been that everybody ought to be thinking about testing different formats, and that often these formats need to be smaller, more urban, and more convenience-oriented. This would seem to be exactly what Lidl is thinking, and I have to wonder how long it takes for the new format to prove out and begin popping up elsewhere.