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USA Today reports that as people send fewer greeting cards and instead use digital options, “major retailers, including CVS and Walmart, are poised to cut back on cards, and greeting card companies have closed hundreds of standalone locations.”

According to the story, “Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy, told USA TODAY in an interview that the company has too much aisle space devoted to greeting cards. He said the retailer, which has some 9,600 locations, is shifting more space to health care products after determining that greeting cards are not selling well, using an internal analytics tool.”

And, USA Today writes, “Walmart is ‘reimagining what we’re putting’ in stores, said the company’s U.S. CEO, Gregory Foran. ‘Do we really need the amount of lineal footage that we’ve got in greeting cards?’ he said on a conference call earlier this month.”
KC's View:
I must admit that pretty much the only time I go buy a greeting card is when Mrs. Content Guy sends me to get one when we need a card at the last minute. (I say this as someone who believes in thank you notes. But I buy them in bulk on … Amazon.)

Not sure if it is me, but when I go to the CVS card section, I see something that doesn’t seem to have evolved very much in the past couple of decades. Maybe I’m wrong about that, or maybe they just don’t have cards that appeal to my somewhat sardonic sense of humor. But I wonder if these sections have evolved to the extent they should have, considering the new realities of how we live.

I’m guessing no.