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• The Denver Channel reports that Kroger-owned King Soopers and City Market have “reached a tentative agreement with the UFCW Local 7R union that represents the store’s employees after nearly 40 hours of contract negotiations over the weekend.” According to the union, “The offer provides industry-leading terms and conditions of employment, including strong wage increases, funding that assures sustainable healthcare through the life of the contract, and the funding needed to sustain retirement benefits.”

Union members still have to vote on the deal.

CNNN reports that the Reimann family, which has a controlling stake in JAB Holdings - owner of brands such as Krispy Kreme, Panera Bread, and Keurig - has admitted that its Nazi ancestors “used slave labor during World War II … A family spokesperson said Albert Reimann Sr., who died in 1954, and Albert Reimann Jr., who died in 1984, used Russian civilian prisoners and French prisoners of war as forced labor in their factories during the war, and that they were anti-Semites and avowed supporters of Adolf Hitler.”

The family, “reportedly one of the richest families in Germany, will donate €10 million, or $11 million, to a yet-undisclosed charity after a three-year investigation that it commissioned discovered details of their ancestors' behavior.”

Peter Haft, chairman and a managing partner at JAB Holdings, says that “Reimann Senior and Reimann Junior were guilty. The two businessmen have passed away, but they actually belonged in prison … There is nothing to gloss over. These crimes are disgusting.”
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