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The Washington Post reports that a Petco customer recently decided to test the retailer’s “all leashed pets are welcome” policy.

Said customer decided to bring his 1,600 pound Ankole-Watusi steer, named Oliver, to the store.

According to the story, “Oliver tilted his wide set of horns — measuring nine and a half feet from tip to tip — to the side to avoid hitting the automatic sliding doors.”

And then, “when he made it through the second series of doors, the steer was greeted with pure joy from the patrons and employees, including smiles, laughter and a welcome worthy of any other customer or animal of the pet store retailer: ‘Welcome to South Texas Petco’.”

Petco’s CEO, Ron Coughlin, tweeted that “he wished he could have been there,” according to the story.

The story notes that “Oliver was already something of a social-media star before he popped up at Petco. His Facebook page, which has more than 40,000 followers as of early Friday, chronicles Oliver’s everyday life, such as hanging out with mascots, getting pedicures and napping with his pig friend, Dolly.”
KC's View:
It wasn’t mentioned in the story, but I’m assuming that Oliver didn’t leave any unpleasant surprises on the floor, which might’ve prompted a somewhat different reaction.

Or maybe not. It sounds like the folks at Petco did exactly what they were supposed to do.