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Business insider reports that next month Walmart plans to close eight stores around the country - a supercenter in Lafayette, Louisiana , and Neighborhood Market stores in Arizona, California, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

The closing date for all the stores is said to be April 19.

The story notes that “Walmart said last month that it plans to open fewer than 10 new stores over the next year. The company did not provide guidance on closings at the time.”
KC's View:
It actually is sort of extraordinary that Walmart is closing almost as many stores as it is opening. In fact, it is even possible that it could close more stores than it opens - these are just the closings announced for April.

This strikes me as the very definition of retrenchment.

I have to wonder if there’s ever been a year in which Walmart did not measurably increase its domestic store count, much less reduce it overall.

This would seem to tell us a lot about its view of the future, especially as it continues to invest in e-commerce in general, Jet in particular, not to mention all the other initiatives being nurtured in Walmart Labs. While stores certainly remain central to its strategy, Walmart clearly sees a world in which to reach consumers, it will not need as many physical locations … it will just need to be able to reach customers in ways that are relevant to how they shop and live their lives. And it needs to put its money into the future, not into the past.

No question that this is a big swing, but Walmart seems to believe that in the current competitive environment, big swings are essential to big successes.