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A study from brand consultancy Feedvisor, cited by CNBC says that “when consumers are ready to buy a specific product, nearly three-quarters of them, or 74 percent, are going straight to Amazon to do it.”

The story goes on: “Fifty-eight percent of Amazon Prime members shop online at least once a week, Feedvisor said. Meanwhile, 45 percent of Prime members are buying something from Amazon at least once a week. Five percent of consumers are buying something there daily.”

The story says that “consumer loyalty to Amazon is at an ‘all-time high,’ with 48 percent of people visiting Amazon at least a few times a week, and 89 percent of people visiting Amazon at least once a month.”

The apparently inevitable conclusion: “Amazon has deeply integrated itself into consumers' daily lives.”
KC's View:

One of the things that Amazon continually demonstrates is that, unlike most of its competition, it has the capacity and desire to deepen its relationship with shoppers. That’s evident from the results of this study, and from some of the stories seen below in “E-conomy Beat.”

I think it can be argued that Amazon isn’t interested in stealing customers’ transactions, but rather is focused on capturing customers’ hearts, mind, and souls, knowing that their business will follow. That’s a high risk game, and Amazon will make mistakes, but it also is a high-reward approach that has worked out pretty well so far.