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Mark Bittman, who earned fame and fortune as a food writer for the New York Times as well as a prolific cookbook author, said yesterday that he is launching a new online food magazine, Salty, that will reside on Medium, an online platform and publisher.

In an email to subscribers to his newsletter, which is a separate business, Bittman writes that “Salty’s goal is to showcase the links between food and just about everything else: agriculture, politics, history, and labor; culture and cooking; identity, family, and love. It’s a new, ongoing, and exciting project, one in which we intend to involve lots of different voices and views .”

The New York Times, which writes in its lead that “Mark Bittman wants you to know he’s not dead,” notes in its coverage that after three decades with the Times, Bittman “s bounced around … He spent less than a year at Purple Carrot, a vegan meal-kit start-up. He wrote a column for New York Magazine and Grub Street. He started a newsletter. He posted recipes on his personal website. All along, he said, he had the idea of creating his own publication.”
KC's View:
I think that Bittman is absolutely word class when it comes to this stuff, and I’ve already subscribed. Like-minded individuals will do the same.