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The Spoon reports that Amazon-branded meal kits “are surfacing in select Whole Foods” in San Francisco, Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

To this point, the meal kits only have been available online - via Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime - as well as in its Amazon Go checkout-free stores.

According to the story, “A recent Nielsen report showed that the majority of growth in the meal kit sector came from in-store sales, generating $93 million in revenue across 2018. That number is could climb even higher as NPD found that nearly 100 million American adults still haven’t tried meal kits, but want to. NPD also found that consumers are not tied to a particular brand of meal kit yet, so there is room for a company like Amazon to come in and grab marketshare without having to fight set-in habits.

“So there is burgeoning demand for meal kits, and Amazon is ready to get you one in just about any way imaginable. You can buy them online when you’re planning ahead, at a Go store when you’re, well, on the go, and at a Whole Foods for either of those occasions.”
KC's View:
The story makes the argument that “Amazon is looking to expand its meal kits presence as part of the reinvention of the meal journey,” which “shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention.”

I’ve been paying attention. And I’m not surprised. Except maybe that it took this long.