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Business Insider reports that Walmart has decided to end its Savings Catcher program, described as “a popular price-matching tool that automatically refunded customers for any price differences between Walmart and its competitors.”

The reason: Walmart says that in most cases, it already is the cheapest, and so the promise to match prices was irrelevant.

One problem - at least some customers disagree.

The story says that one shopper - who said she has saved more than $857.19 through Savings Catcher - wrote on Walmart’s Facebook page, "You are not discontinuing Savings Catcher because your prices are lower, you are doing it because very often your prices are not lower and it is costing you more money.”

And another customer wrote on Twitter: “You LIE when you say your prices usually win. I will restructure my grocery-buying between @amazon & local stores. You made a terrible, greedy choice #Walmart.”

Walmart said in a statement, "We are at our best when we deliver everyday low prices for our customers, and we've been focused on doing that through investments in price … And customers are noticing - we’ve seen a significant reduction in usage and redemptions from Savings Catcher. As a result, beginning May 14 this year, Savings Catcher will no longer be offered as we continue to offer upfront, consistent low prices to customers shopping our stores.”
KC's View:
It almost doesn’t matter whether Walmart is being honest or not … if some of its customers think it isn’t, then that is what matters.

That said, I suspect that the real reason that Walmart decided to dump this program is because it ended up not mattering to the company very much. If it mattered, then Walmart would’ve kept it. And I presume that Walmart figures that it doesn’t matter to enough customers to keep it going.

Then again, maybe it was just too expensive.