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The Los Angeles Times reports that lime prices have gone up “sharply” recently and may continue to rise - which means that some chefs and bartenders are considering lemons as an alternative.

It isn’t the first time.

“Ebb and flow is a natural function of the produce market — prices change as things go in and out of season,” the Times writes. “But what happened with the price of limes in the spring of 2014 was unprecedented, when the price of a case skyrocketed to around $100 from $15. The reported reason for the spike was a combination of natural (weather, disease) and unnatural (extortion at the hands of drug cartels).

“The U.S. is almost entirely reliant on Mexico for its supply of limes, with 98% of consumed limes coming from south of the border. That mean
KC's View:
I didn’t realize that 98 percent of our limes came from Mexico, and when I saw that notation I immediately started worrying that the damned wall was creating real problems. I mean, creating an intransigent immigration debate is one thing, but instigating a shortage that might impact my Tito’s-and-soda-with-lime?