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The New York Times reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has “moved to restrict sales of flavored e-cigarettes to try to reduce the soaring rate of teenage vaping.

“The agency issued a proposal requiring that stores sequester flavored e-cigarettes to areas off limits to anyone under age 18. Retailers, including convenience stores and gas stations, will be expected to verify the age of their customers … the proposal issued on Wednesday outlines details for how retailers must wall off the areas where the products can be sold. For stores that are open to consumers of all ages, the guidelines call for a physically separated room, a spokesman said, adding that stores cannot simply hang a curtain to create a space where flavored e-cigarettes could be sold.”

Not everybody is in favor of the new proposals.

“Retailers, including convenience store and gas station owners, are on Capitol Hill this week, lobbying against the F.D.A.’s proposals. Some have threatened to fight the restrictions in court,” the Times writes. “Lyle Beckwith, a senior vice president for the National Association of Convenience Stores representing thousands of retailers, said the group did not believe the F.D.A. had the authority to impose the new requirements.”

In addition, “Conservative groups and vaping trade associations also have come out in opposition, saying that the agency’s efforts to regulate the e-cigarette industry amount to government overreach.”
KC's View:
Maybe not everybody is in favor of these proposals. But I am, and I dearly hope the FDA does have the authority to regulate these guys.