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The Associated Press reports that “Amazon has removed books from its website that promoted ‘cures’ for autism, the latest major company to try to limit the amount of misinformation related to autism and the bogus notion that it's caused by vaccines.”

Facebook, the story notes, “announced it would hide groups that spread misinformation about vaccines causing autism from search results. It also plans to reject similar ads.”

The AP points out that “the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, only medications that can help some function better. It also says there is no link between vaccines and autism.”
KC's View:
I cannot imagine any circumstances under which I wouldn’t vaccinate my kids. But I have to admit that I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea that Amazon isn’t making these books available, even if they are preaching nonsense.

I checked, and Amazon has books espousing flat earth theories. Which is sort of the same thing.