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Got a number of reactions to last week’s FaceTime commentary about business lessons from baseball’s spring training.

One MNB reader wrote:

A Babe Ruth quote you once shared (years ago) has stuck with me through my career:  “Yesterday’s home run doesn’t win today’s ballgame.”

Consistent tenacity and relentless execution!

MNB reader Brian Burnham wrote: 

Kevin, I agree, that is why I am over in Jupiter FL. watching the Cardinals, nothing beats a good spring training game when you get to watch the stars for 3 innings and then the young guys for the rest of the game.

It is fun to see the young guys finally make it to the big show and say I saw him play for the past couple years in Florida.  Or going out to watch practice on the back fields and seeing the heroes of the past working with young kids and how they are hanging on to every word of advice they get.

Plus the weather is a whole lot better here than in Iowa.

And, from MNB reader Dave Wolcott:

Yes, there is something about spring training that holds the promise of energy and excitement.  As someone who lives in the Phoenix area I always look forward to everything spring training brings (30 minutes from watching all 15 teams!  You should check it out one year!).

Your comments about Sandy Koufax reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by Tony Dungy in his book “Quiet Strength” (unfortunately I use it often during internal meetings when we have come off the rails, lost sight of the important things that drive success).  He was talking about Chuck Noll’s philosophy on what it took to be successful and said, “Champions are not made by doing extraordinary things, champions are made by doing the ordinary things better than anyone else”.  This philosophy can help in our business.  Like you said, focus on the small things - hitting/throwing, blocking/tackling, producing/selling differentiated products, delighting/providing flawless service to our customers.  Thanks for reminding me of this important business/life lesson!

My pleasure.

You are lucky to be in a place where so much spring training baseball is easily accessible. I’ve done the Cactus League once … with my brothers and my dad, and I wrote about it here.
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