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Regarding the FedEx robotics commercial we posted yesterday, one MNB reader wrote:

I thought the commercial was an interesting peek into our future but did anyone else notice that the Mom didn't acknowledge the robot at any point...?
(Maybe she was distracted by her sick kid to give her the benefit of the doubt.)

The first thing I thought was that she should watch the original Terminator movie and always be kind to machinery.

Agreed. I always try to say please and thank you to my Alexa. Just in case.

From another reader:

I'm a retired Electronic Technician from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, one of the things I that annoyed when I worked there was when we added more cameras, upgraded our security systems upper management wanted to eliminate employee positions. Well if the inmates are fighting or one of them is climbing or cutting through the fence, we can watch it on the monitor or have the security system alarm but you need staff to stop it.  Technology enhance security but the staff is your security. The same if for the stores, self check out isn't customer service your staff is customer service. They are the ones who are going to clean up a spill in aisle four and tell you where they have the Lefse. (I'm from Minnesota look it up and if you get a chance, try it, it's good.)

Lefse sound wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation.

From another MNB reader:

OK, so I thought this was pretty cool and effective, especially if this is a real device operating autonomously.  But how many of these slow moving things navigating the streets and sidewalks will it take to replace one guy in a van containing dozens (hundreds?) of packages at once?  For that matter the same goes for drones.  How many packages are delivered in one day in any one particular place anywhere?  How many drones would there be buzzing about avoiding other people, things and each other?  I'm not so sure the future is as close as you seem to think it is.

Or, it could be closer…
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