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In the UK, the Guardian has a piece about German discounter Aldi - and to a lesser extent, Lidl - has upended the British supermarket industry, changing how customers shop and how its competitors come to market.

An excerpt:

“Aldi is still relatively low-tech: without a loyalty programme, it knows little about individual customer preferences and you can’t buy its groceries online. What it has done is disrupt a mindset: the settled wisdom about how we think of ourselves as shoppers, and the basis by which we identify with a particular supermarket.

“Aldi’s victory was to show that there was no shame – and in fact there was satisfaction – in shopping at a discount supermarket. British mums once worried about their children being embarrassed to find Aldi food in their lunchboxes; now they happily swaddle their babies in Aldi’s disposable nappies, which are now the second-most popular brand in the country, behind only Pampers.”

Good piece, with lots of detail and context, serving as a kind of warning shot to anyone who may find themselves competing with Aldi.

You can read it here.
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