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Publix has announced a new collaboration with Flagler Health+ that will allow for the creation of three Flagler-branded “telehealth sites” at Publix stores, in addition to the opening of a Publix pharmacy at Flagler Hospital.

According to the announcement, “The telehealth sites will have a private room with teleconferencing and medical diagnostic equipment, including stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, high-definition cameras and other tools necessary for common diagnoses, and allow patients to speak directly via video conferencing technology with a board-certified physician. The physician can direct the patient to use the available diagnostic tools in order to make a diagnosis and write any necessary prescriptions. Publix Pharmacy support staff will be available to assist patients, if needed.”

The exact locations are still to be announced.
KC's View:
As long as they don’t want to start guiding me through some sort of self-surgery, I like this idea a lot.