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The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the the North American Meat Institute’s Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education, the foundation for the North American Meat Institute have released the 14th annual Power of Meat study, concluding that “food retailers and their meat supplier partners should align their thinking with the shopper who considers his/her meat purchase as a meal occasion and not necessarily relegated to one area of the store.

“Consumers increasingly shop across the full meat offering, from the meat case and counter, to the frozen aisle and deli. Across all departments, convenience-focused meat and poultry saw robust growth in 2018, including value-added (+5.1 percent), fully-cooked (+2.5 percent) and frozen (+2.2 percent).

“The report urges retailers and suppliers to consider new ways to help shoppers plan multiple meal meat purchases.”

The study goes on: “Shoppers are increasingly turning to food to help manage health and well-being. They seek to understand what is in their food, who made it and how it was produced, and meat is no exception. In the meat department, two thirds of shoppers look for better-for-me items and around three in 10 look for products that are better for the planet, farmers, workers or animals.”
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